Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ring pillows

See if any of these strike your fancy and are something like what you would want. Changing colors and fabrics is easy once we have an idea of the overall look.

inspiration one: (i don't' like the colors, or the bird's eye...or even the bird totally) but the idea of a one bird larger size on a branch with the rings in its mouth is cute
I think the I would make the birds in blue that match your dress and then have the tree with your and Brett's initials on it. And the branch a bit lower down and the birds a bit bigger.
Kind of the same idea as above. Not sure how I fell about the "I do" but once again the intials could be put into the branch
not a bird but really cool (just had to include it)
once again a variation of the above but with thinner branches (this is machine made so I couldn't embroider as perfectly but I could sure get pretty close)

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  1. So many cute creations! I'm happy to have found you. I will be sure to place you on my blog roll.



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